Exposed To Contaminants? Hire An Environmental Lawyer

Environmental law is becoming a hot area as many new sources of pollution are entering our environment. Here's what you can do if you are exposed to contaminants in your environment. 

When an Environmental Lawyer Can Help

An environmental law attorney from a firm like Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke-Chartered can help you in cases where local pollution has adversely affected your health. For instance, if the contamination levels are preventing you from safely enjoying your property, this may be a cause for a lawsuit. Negative health effects for pollution are another common reason for seeking out an environmental lawyer. 

Who Can I Sue?

If you are exposed to toxins, it's important to locate the source that's most responsible for the contamination of your environment. A large manufacturing company in the area could be the source of your pollution. It can be difficult to prove this without the help of a lawyer, but your environmental law attorney will help you to investigate the company's adherence to the law. For instance, you should check that they are following the EPA's guidelines for chemical safety and runoff levels. 

Sometimes individual property owners are also the cause of pollution; you may need to collect photographic evidence or witness reports to show that a neighbor is polluting your environment. 

Process of an Environmental Lawsuit

If you are exposed to contamination and want to start a lawsuit, the first thing to do is to see what laws apply. Your lawsuit will only be successful if someone was negligent about protecting the local environment, or if the contaminant levels go beyond local standards. Check with the local health department to determine their laws on environmental protection. 

If you can successfully determine that someone has broken the law, an environmental lawyer will help you to cite all the laws that were broken in your case. You'll gather evidence to show that the company or person was negligent. 

If you have a health or property claim, you may need to collect evidence to show your damages. For instance, an environmental sample of your property will help you to prove that the area is unsafe. If you have developed medical conditions, you'll need to provide medical bills that show the date that your symptoms began. 

Sharing the Wealth

It's important to note that your environmental claims may affect many other people besides yourself. It may be helpful to your case to find other residents who are affected by the same contaminants; this may increase the damages that your lawsuit accounts for. Your lawyer will help you to file a lawsuit that covers all of your bases.