Getting Divorced? Why You Need To Lawyer Up, Hit The Gym, And Delete Facebook

When browsing online for advice about any type of relationship situation, you may see a witty reply from someone that says to lawyer up, hit the gym, and delete their Facebook account. This internet meme has been around for quite some time, but there is actually some truth to the advice that is being given.

Lawyer Up

First of all, a divorce is going to be a legal battle like you have never been through before. The stakes are not only financial, but they can be really personal. Jointly owned property will be divided in court, personal savings split, alimony payments decided on, and even custody of a child given to one parent or the other.

Not having a lawyer through a divorce is a huge mistake, which is why it is the first thing someone should do when getting a divorce. It may cost you some money to hire a lawyer, but you could lose so much more by not having one on your side.

Hit The Gym

Many people assume that the reason to hit the gym is that you will be single very soon and need to get back into the dating game, so it is important to look as good as you possibly can. While that is part of it, going to the gym is also a hobby that is easy for anybody to get into that can keep your mind busy. It can easily take up an hour of your day, and get you out of the house and doing something. It makes a great opportunity to meet other people as well, and boost your self-esteem about yourself at a time when you really need it.

Delete Facebook

While you don't have to delete Facebook entirely, you need to remove your spouse and their friends from your Facebook. Many people find themselves checking in on what the other person is doing by browsing their Facebook page or their friend's pages. Even seeing a posted photo of your spouse having fun can make you depressed. It is best to move on by getting cutting the person out of your social media life, and focus on your new life that is ahead of you.

For more advice about going through a divorce, talk to a family lawyer about it. You may be surprised at the advice that a good family lawyer can offer you during this difficult time.