Skip The Judge: Get Paid Without A Lawsuit

It's become common to advise someone who's been hurt to "sue 'em." While using the justice system to get compensated for another person's carelessness or negligence is a fine and valuable option, it may not actually be necessary. Taking a case to court is expensive, time-consuming and stressful and there are a few much better options out there to get some monetary relief. Read on to learn about 3 easier ways to get monetary consideration from an injury.

Trigger an insurance claim: Being out and about in public can expose you to numerous dangers. Places of business like retail stores, gyms, and restaurants are just chock full of opportunities to get hurt. Whether it's a slip-and-fall or getting hit in the head by a falling display, you are entitled to several different forms of compensation, and you likely won't need to sue to get it.

Businesses know all too well how often accidents can happen on their premises, which is why they all have plenty of liability insurance. Getting paid for your medical expenses, property losses and even your trouble is a snap if you go through the process. Take the following steps, but see an accident lawyer if your injury is more significant:

1. Report the incident to the manager on duty at once

2. See to it that an accident report is filled out and filed

3. Seek medical attention and keep good records of your treatment

4. If the insurance carrier for the business is dragging its heels, speak to an attorney

Make your demands known: Most people wouldn't think that a simple bit of correspondence could trigger a windfall, but it might. If well-crafted, a demand letter sent to the at-fault driver, negligent business owner or their insurance carriers could make good things happen in the form of a settlement offer. Be sure to include everything the other side needs to know about the accident and what you expect such as:

1. The dollar amount of your medical expenses so far

2. The listing of all the medical treatments you've undergone, such as surgeries and physical therapy

3. The dollar amount of all the time you've missed from work

4. Why the other party is at fault for the accident

5. How much money you are asking to be compensated

File a claim: If your accident happened at work, you may be eligible for workers' compensation coverage. This insurance option will cover your medical expenses and even a part of your salary while you recuperate at home. If your injury is really bad, you may get offered a lump sum settlement.