Got A Speeding Ticket—What Now?

When you get pulled over and the officer mentions you were speeding, it can be incredibly stressful knowing that you are about to get a ticket for speeding. After receiving the ticket and driving on, you may be tempted to simply pay the traffic violation so that you can move forward with your life and not worry about it. However, you need to consider what impact that speeding ticket can have on your driving record and finances. For instance, a speeding ticket will add points to your license, cause your insurance premiums to spike, and potentially result in higher penalties if you receive a traffic violation in the future. To avoid dealing with these types of consequences, here are the steps you should take after receiving a speeding violation.

Examine the Speeding Ticket

Before anything else, you should carefully and thoroughly review the speeding ticket that the officer issued you on the off chance that a mistake was made while it was being filled out. A minor error likely won't get your ticket dismissed, but if there are multiple inaccuracies on the citation, it may prove that the officer was not attentive. Plus, examining the ticket will provide you with a bigger picture of what you are facing, allowing you to mount a suitable defense.

Gather Related Evidence

In order to effectively beat a speeding citation, you need to think back to the traffic stop itself. There are several factors that can help you as you work to build a solid defense. For instance, you may be able to argue that the officer did not have a clear view of your vehicle, causing the radar gun to incorrectly read your speed. Another potential defense could be that you were only speeding to keep up with the traffic around you and driving slower would have put you in danger.

Hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer

If you want the best possible chance at winning your case, which may be reducing your overall penalties or having your ticket dismissed completely, you should consider hiring legal representation. Having a traffic violation lawyer by your side in the courtroom can prove invaluable because a lawyer is familiar with the legal system and will know how to defend your situation, negotiate with the prosecutor/judge for lesser charges, and more.

Don't wait until it is too late to act on your speeding violation. Get in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible to start mounting a solid defense.

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