What Do You Need For Your Personal Injury Case Consultation

If you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by another person, you may have the right to file a personal injury claim. You can set up a consultation with personal injury legal services to look over your evidence and determine if you have a valid case to file. You will want to be able to show what happened to cause the injuries, what your injuries are, and the treatment you have received so far. The losses you sustain will need to be shown, and any evidence you have to support your claim will help your personal injury lawyer decide whether to take your case or not.

The Accident Report and Witness Statements

If there is an accident report that details what happened to cause your injuries, get a copy of the report. When witnesses are present, they will be asked to provide a statement if possible. Any official statements you can locate regarding the incident are important for your attorney to look over.

Your Personal Statement

While not part of an official record, what happened and how you are feeling is important. You should write down your own account of what happened in the accident to keep your story clear. As you recover, write down how you are feeling every day and document your symptoms. Take pictures of any visible injuries during the healing process to show your progress.

Bring Your Medical Records

A personal injury lawyer will want to take a careful look at your medical records to see what your injuries are and what treatment you have received. You may have a previous history of a similar injury that needs to be addressed, or you don't have much medical care to back up your claim. Provide your personal injury legal services with a copy of all medical records that pertain to your injuries for your consultation.

Showing Your Losses

If you have lost work time or you have bills, bring proof to your initial consultation. Your pain and suffering will also be discussed, as this is where the majority of claimants receive the most compensation. Document your losses over time and be ready to show proof of the losses in your consultation.

Your personal injury lawyer will be able to make a better assessment of your case when they have all the information available about your case. Bring your records, and write down a full account of what happened and how you are doing now.

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney.