What Should You Tell Your Criminal Attorney?

When the police have reason to believe that you committed a crime, they can arrest you and charge you with the crime. Getting charged does not make you guilty, but it does lead to a criminal court process. When this occurs, you should consider looking for an experienced criminal lawyer to help you with your case. One of the top questions that people wonder about this is what they should tell their attorney. Should you tell them everything? Should you keep some details to yourself? Here is an explanation of how you should handle the communications with your attorney.

Some Lawyers Do Not Want to Know Every Detail

Every lawyer operates a little differently, and some do not want to know what really happened. They operate on the strategy that knowing very little is the best strategy. If this is the way your lawyer is, you will need to keep your lips sealed. You will need to keep the details to yourself and avoid telling the attorney what really happened. Your lawyer will use the available evidence to determine how to proceed with building a defense for your case. If your lawyer wants to know any details, they will ask you, and you can reveal the answers to the questions they pose to you.

Other Lawyers Want to Know Everything

There are also lawyers that want to know every detail about what happened. If this is the way your lawyer feels, you will need to reveal the truth about every detail of the incident. You will not benefit by hiding details from your attorney if this is the approach your lawyer takes. Instead, you should explain the truth about the incident, even if you are guilty. Lawyers that want to know the truth about the event will use the information the defendant provides to build the best defense strategy possible.

Talk to Your Lawyer to Learn What to Do

The best thing you can do is to talk to your criminal defense attorney about the truth and facts. By asking them what they want to know, you can handle this the right way. If your lawyer wants to know everything, tell them the truth. If they do not want to know, you can leave out details, but you should not lie about the events.

You can learn more about developing a criminal defense strategy by contacting a criminal defense law firm in your city.