3 Reasons Why You Should Lawyer Up After A DUI Arrest

You could be in trouble if you have just been stopped for drunk driving. Depending on where you are and the seriousness of your case, the drunk driving charge can come with other severe punishments. Most people tend to think they are saving money by not hiring a lawyer and representing themselves. However, you should lawyer up if you are charged with a serious crime like drunk driving because your chances of winning such a case alone are slim. Below are three reasons why you should hire a drunk driving lawyer after a DUI arrest.

1. They will help you comprehend the complexities of DUI law

DUI law is usually complex. However, no one is more conversant with the rules than a drunk driving attorney. A DUI lawyer knows how to get around all the legal events in that case. Therefore, your lawyer will help you comprehend the charges you are facing relating to the law and what you should do next. They will also evaluate the events surrounding your arrest and build a strong defense.

2. They can get your sentence reduced

A DUI attorney can help lower your sentence if you have had a guilty ruling. The lawyer will use the situations surrounding your arrest and the seriousness of your charge to get your verdict reduced. While your lawyer does not have the power to overturn a judge's ruling, they can help you get a lesser sentence, which is possible if the other party is ready to reconsider. 

3. They can counter the evidence presented

Usually, DUI cases are grounded on the basis of evidence like failed blood and breathalyzer tests. Therefore, failure to pass this test can be undefeatable. That said, other aspects can impact the results of the test. A DUI attorney can handle your case quite well since they are familiar with all the factors that can result in poor performance on the wayside test or even an incorrectly measured blood alcohol level. Your lawyer can challenge the evidence presented in your case. In the case where you declined to have the test done, the lawyer can convince the jury that you did that because you know your rights. 

Drunk driving is a severe crime. Therefore, you are bound to face a hostile prosecution. If you have been indicted with drunk driving, you must get a drunk driving lawyer to safeguard your rights. Your lawyer will help you know DUI acts and how they affect your case. They can also describe other alternatives and guide you through complex legal processes.