Three Reasons To Consult With An Auto Accident Attorney After A Traffic Collision

Car accidents are common, but if you find yourself involved in one, you will likely wonder if you really need an attorney. The truth is that with most fender benders, you're not going to need any legal representation. Exchanging your information with the other driver and filing a claim is a straightforward process. There are times, however, when you should consult with an attorney. The following are a few examples.

No-Contest Clauses In Your Will — Useful, But Tricky, Legal Tools

One of the biggest risks that anyone faces when writing a will is that someone will contest it. A will contest can delay distribution to heirs, drain the estate for legal costs, and even see the will set aside entirely. How can you reduce the likelihood that your will is contested once you're gone? One tool that could work is a no-contest clause. How does this work? What downsides does it carry?

Contesting A Will: What To Know

A loved one's last will and testament should convey the wishes of the deceased. It is supposed to be the final word of the author. However, not all wills are valid or the most recent version. One of the main reasons for the probate process to exist is to allow those with claims against the estate to come forward. It also allows those who feel that the will is wrong to contest it.

Are Discussions About Your Personal Injury Case Confidential?

When you've been injured through the negligence or actions of another party, you deserve the best chance to get the compensation you need to fully recover. You may also need the help of a number of other people in addition to a good personal injury attorney.  But who can you discuss your case with? What rules should you abide by? And how can you best protect your case during any communication?