A Trucking Accident Attorney for Maximized Compensation

After a catastrophic accident, legal fees might be the last thing on your mind. Yet, when it's a trucking accident, the stakes are incredibly high, and neglecting legal counsel could mean a significant loss of potential compensation. Here's how having a specialized attorney can make all the difference. Understanding the Complexity of Trucking Accidents The first step to securing the right compensation is understanding why trucking accidents differ from typical car crashes.

Understanding Estate Planning Law: Why You Need It and How to Go About It

Estate planning law is an important aspect of financial planning that is often overlooked by most people. It entails legal arrangements and structures that outline how a person's assets and liabilities will be managed and distributed in the event of death or incapacitation. Despite its importance, few people have estate plans. This is a concern as families may enter into legal battles over inheritance and potentially leave an enormous tax bill.

The Benefits of Probate Legal Representation - Why You Need It

Probate is a complex legal process that can be time-consuming, difficult, and stressful, not to mention costly, if not done correctly. It can be overwhelming to navigate, especially when you factor in the many legal requirements and deadlines that must be met. That's why if you're an executor or heir to an estate, you need a trained and experienced legal representative to guide you through the probate process.  Understand the Probate Process

The Importance of Early Legal Representation: Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney from the Start

If you are facing criminal charges, the legal process can be intimidating and overwhelming. The early stages, even before the trial itself, can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. That's why hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney from the start is vital. An attorney can ensure you understand the charges against you, provide you with expert legal advice, and help you navigate the complex legal system. Explore the importance of early legal representation and why it can make all the difference in your case.

Exploring the Different Types of Truck Accident Lawyers

If you're ever involved in a truck accident, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Apart from the physical and emotional trauma you might experience, there are also legal repercussions to consider. This post is going to take a look at the different types of truck accident lawyers out there so you know who to turn to if the worst happens. 1. Personal Injury Lawyers Personal injury lawyers specialize in helping individuals recover damages following an injury.

Tips For Your Domestic Violence Case

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or someone who is being accused of it, emotions are obviously running high right now. But if you want to put your best foot forward in court and try your best to protect your own interests, you will have to try and put emotion to the side and document the facts of the case. To that end, one thing that might help you would be to hire a domestic violence attorney as early as possible once the case develops.

Suing Vs. Workers' Compensation Claims: What To Know

Workers' compensation insurance and filing a lawsuit against the employer are two different avenues that individuals can pursue after a work-related injury. Below are the key differences between the two choices after a work injury. Fault issues: Workers' compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that employees are generally entitled to benefits regardless of who caused the injury. It provides compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation services. Filing a lawsuit, on the other hand, typically requires proving that the employer's negligence or intentional actions caused the injury.

Three Reasons To Consult With An Auto Accident Attorney After A Traffic Collision

Car accidents are common, but if you find yourself involved in one, you will likely wonder if you really need an attorney. The truth is that with most fender benders, you're not going to need any legal representation. Exchanging your information with the other driver and filing a claim is a straightforward process. There are times, however, when you should consult with an attorney. The following are a few examples.

No-Contest Clauses In Your Will — Useful, But Tricky, Legal Tools

One of the biggest risks that anyone faces when writing a will is that someone will contest it. A will contest can delay distribution to heirs, drain the estate for legal costs, and even see the will set aside entirely. How can you reduce the likelihood that your will is contested once you're gone? One tool that could work is a no-contest clause. How does this work? What downsides does it carry?

Contesting A Will: What To Know

A loved one's last will and testament should convey the wishes of the deceased. It is supposed to be the final word of the author. However, not all wills are valid or the most recent version. One of the main reasons for the probate process to exist is to allow those with claims against the estate to come forward. It also allows those who feel that the will is wrong to contest it.

Are Discussions About Your Personal Injury Case Confidential?

When you've been injured through the negligence or actions of another party, you deserve the best chance to get the compensation you need to fully recover. You may also need the help of a number of other people in addition to a good personal injury attorney.  But who can you discuss your case with? What rules should you abide by? And how can you best protect your case during any communication?

5 Ways Divorce Lawyers Help Their Clients

Is your marriage on the rocks and you are considering filing for divorce? If so, then you may be wondering what role a divorce lawyer plays in the process. While every situation is different, there are some general ways that divorce lawyers can help their clients. 1. Help Navigate the Legal System  If you are considering filing for divorce, then it is likely that you have never been through the process before.

Should You Set Up A Revocable Living Trust?

Are you looking to start estate planning, but you're not sure about the best way to do it? If so, you'll definitely want to know more about using a revocable living trust instead of other estate planning methods. Privacy   A will is a document that becomes part of the public record during the probate process. This means that all of the assets that will be passed on will be known to others if they do a bit of research.

What Happens When You Don't Report Changes To The SSA?

When you are receiving Social Security benefits, it is your job to report any changes that occur in your life that are relevant to your SSDI benefits. If you do not report these changes, you might face penalties. Therefore, it's a good idea to speak with a Social Security disability attorney about any changes that you should report. Meeting the Reporting Requirements If you are overpaid by the SSA, you will need to report that you were overpaid in a timely manner.

Is Gaslighting A Form Of Nursing Home Abuse?

Mental abuse is hard to spot, especially if you have a loved one in a nursing home that you suspect could be the victim of abuse. Signs of mental abuse may be more subtle than bruises or broken bones, but they can be just as damaging.  One type of mental abuse is gaslighting. If you think your loved one is the victim of gaslighting, it's important to understand how this type of abuse can happen in a nursing home setting.

Estate Plans Creation: 3 Situations That A Legal Advisor's Guidance Is Necessary

Do you have a will? If not, you should consider creating one. A legally binding estate plan will give you confidence that your beneficiaries will not fight over your belongings after your demise. In addition, your document will offer instructions on how to distribute your wealth and give directions on kids' guardianship, among other issues. Will creation is not complicated, and you can write one yourself. However, you need an estate lawyer to help you prepare the best estate plan possible.

Non-Economic Losses You May Claim In A Wrongful Death Case

Economic losses form a significant part of most wrongful death cases. However, you should also maximize your recovery for non-economic losses to maximize your overall compensation. Below are some non-economic losses to include in your claim. Pain and Suffering Pain and suffering damages compensate you for both physical and mental pain. Pain and suffering damages are available for both the deceased and the survivors. For the Deceased The deceased's pain and suffering damages are available if the death wasn't instantaneous.

Who Should You Speak With After An Accident?

When you're injured in an accident of any kind, getting the compensation you need is vital for a full recovery. One key element of this is to understand who to speak with and who not to speak with about the accident.  To help you protect yourself and get what you deserve, here are a few dos and don'ts for communicating after an accident.  Do Speak With a Lawyer. When you're injured, it can be hard to gauge the full extent of the damage at the beginning.

When Is Hiring A Workers' Compensation Lawyer Absolutely Necessary?

It's not always that you need to hire a lawyer when you are injured in the workplace. If you have only suffered a minor injury that doesn't require much medical attention and your claim isn't being disputed by your employer or insurer, you may be able to handle your own claim. Unfortunately, not all cases are that simple. Many workplace injury victims need, or can immensely benefit from, hiring workers' compensation lawyers.

Why It's Vital To Speak With Car Accident Lawyers After A Crash

Collisions happen within a split of a second, but they can cause serious damage to your property and vehicle. The most common crashes include rear-end, head-on, and side-impact crashes. If you're involved in a crash, you should consult with a car accident lawyer. Here's why: They'll Negotiate With Insurers on Your Behalf Some insurers usually try to avoid paying the total amount of claims for various reasons. Others even offer discounts on premiums if their customers agree not to file certain types of claims, such as personal injury or medical malpractice.

3 Reasons Why You Should Lawyer Up After A DUI Arrest

You could be in trouble if you have just been stopped for drunk driving. Depending on where you are and the seriousness of your case, the drunk driving charge can come with other severe punishments. Most people tend to think they are saving money by not hiring a lawyer and representing themselves. However, you should lawyer up if you are charged with a serious crime like drunk driving because your chances of winning such a case alone are slim.

What Should You Tell Your Criminal Attorney?

When the police have reason to believe that you committed a crime, they can arrest you and charge you with the crime. Getting charged does not make you guilty, but it does lead to a criminal court process. When this occurs, you should consider looking for an experienced criminal lawyer to help you with your case. One of the top questions that people wonder about this is what they should tell their attorney.

5 Overlooked Changes That Warrant Reassessment Of Your Estate Plan

Now that you've made an estate plan, should you sit back and forget it? Getting past the first hurdle and actually creating a plan is something you should be congratulated on. But keeping that estate plan relevant means revisiting it when things change. And while some changes — like a beneficiary passing away — are obvious, others are much harder to spot. Here are five changes to keep an eye out for and why.

Hiring Legal Representation During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce lawyers serve their clients in many ways. While many people think divorce lawyers only represent clients in divorce proceedings, they often specialize in family law and handle family law-related legal disputes. Divorce lawyers can act as legal representatives for their clients in court, divorce settlement negotiations, and child custody hearings. Additionally, divorce lawyers can act as legal advisors and mediators in amicable, uncontested divorces. The attorney uses their expertise, experience, and negotiation prowess to safeguard their client's interests throughout the divorce process.

Personal Injuries Deal With Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

One of the most difficult things any family can deal with is neglect or abuse. In situations involving personal injuries in nursing homes, the pain can be too much. If you think a personal injury case is the right choice, you might turn to a personal injury lawyer for more information. Do you want to know if a nursing home personal injury case will be the right option after neglect or abuse?

What Do You Need For Your Personal Injury Case Consultation

If you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by another person, you may have the right to file a personal injury claim. You can set up a consultation with personal injury legal services to look over your evidence and determine if you have a valid case to file. You will want to be able to show what happened to cause the injuries, what your injuries are, and the treatment you have received so far.

3 Reasons Why Hiring A Child Custody Attorney Is A Favorable Decision

After living with your child for several years, you develop a bond that can be really hard to break. That makes it difficult for both you and your spouse to make serious decisions when battling a child custody case in the court of law. For this reason, hiring a child custody attorney to help you reach an amicable solution for your child custody battle can be an invaluable decision. A lawyer will help you observe the whole issue from a different perspective, and this might help you get an agreement that will favor both of you.

The Basic Timeline Of A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

Are you in the process of preparing to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy? If so, you should make sure you research how it will affect you, and you should gain an understanding of the basic timeline you will follow in the process. Here are the steps you will complete in the process of a Chapter 7 case and knowing these steps will help you understand the basic timeline of a Chapter 7 case.

The Durational Requirement Will Affect Your SSDI Claim

The process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance is a long process that is often full of surprises. One of these surprises that many people are shocked to discover is a condition known as a durational requirement. If you plan to file for disability assistance anytime soon, it's a good idea you learn more about what this requirement is and how it will affect your claim. Durational Requirements The durational requirement is very much a benchmark that the Social Security Administration uses to determine who is and who is not eligible for disability assistance.

Got A Speeding Ticket—What Now?

When you get pulled over and the officer mentions you were speeding, it can be incredibly stressful knowing that you are about to get a ticket for speeding. After receiving the ticket and driving on, you may be tempted to simply pay the traffic violation so that you can move forward with your life and not worry about it. However, you need to consider what impact that speeding ticket can have on your driving record and finances.

How To Find A Great DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence is one of the most common felony charges in the United States. The FBI reported that in 2016 over 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. If you have made the mistake of getting behind the wheel while your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit, you could be facing steep fines, driver's license suspension, or jail time. It's not something you can handle on your own.

Your Right Not To Testify

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you may find yourself in a court of law. You have several rights when it comes to criminal jurisprudence, and the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution applies to a wide range of judicial matters. Read on to learn more about these rights in regard to testifying on your own behalf. Our Forefathers and the Fifth Amendment When the Puritans fled England, they brought with them some radical ideas.

Three Reasons You May Be Able To Sue Your Attorney For Malpractice In A Civil Case

Legal malpractice is less looked at by people than other forms of malpractice, but it remains a big deal. Court cases and their determinations have legal and real-life ramifications. Case loses can happen, but if they are solely at the feet of the attorney, you do have legal recourse. Though you may not know as much as an attorney does about the legal system, there are clues that your attorney did not do the job that you paid them for.

What To Know About Custody Agreement Alterations

When parents divorce, a custody agreement is sure to follow. While many of the provisions set forth in a divorce decree are permanent, nothing that affects a child is set in stone. Once matters like child support, child custody, and child visitation are settled, the orders can usually be amended. You must have a very good reason for altering the judge's orders, so read on to find out more about this sensitive issue.

What A Divorce Attorney Can Help You With

If you are going through a divorce, you may be emotionally exhausted. Divorce is something that nobody wants to go through but that a lot of people end up facing at one point in their lifetime. Even though you may not think that you need a divorce attorney at the beginning of your divorce, the chances are that you may need to hire one at one point during the process; even if everything is amicable.

The 4 Biggest Issues That Come Up In Child Custody Cases

The child custody law system is designed to protect the interests of young ones in a variety of circumstances, especially disputed situations. Even in cases where parents are capable of settling their differences following a breakup, it's often wise to work with a child custody attorney to see that you get all the details right. As you deal with the system, these are four of the biggest issues you'll want to keep an eye out for.

Arrested For Burglary? 3 Things To Know

Getting arrested for burglary is a situation that many Americans find themselves in each year. The exact definition of burglary varies from state to state. However, if you are caught entering a building or property illegally with the intent to commit a crime, you may be charged with burglary. In many cases, getting caught in this situation will lead to jail time. If you are arrested for burglary, you will need legal help as soon as possible.

Skip The Judge: Get Paid Without A Lawsuit

It's become common to advise someone who's been hurt to "sue 'em." While using the justice system to get compensated for another person's carelessness or negligence is a fine and valuable option, it may not actually be necessary. Taking a case to court is expensive, time-consuming and stressful and there are a few much better options out there to get some monetary relief. Read on to learn about 3 easier ways to get monetary consideration from an injury.

Executor Tasks In A Nutshell

If you have been named as executor of a will, you should consider it an important honor. Not everyone wins the trust required of this position. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the responsibility of this task, but many people have only the foggiest of ideas about what it means to be a executor. The main job requirement is to oversee the estate of the deceased until the probate process is complete.

Getting Divorced? Why You Need To Lawyer Up, Hit The Gym, And Delete Facebook

When browsing online for advice about any type of relationship situation, you may see a witty reply from someone that says to lawyer up, hit the gym, and delete their Facebook account. This internet meme has been around for quite some time, but there is actually some truth to the advice that is being given. Lawyer Up First of all, a divorce is going to be a legal battle like you have never been through before.

What Should You Do While Going Through Your Divorce?

Meeting with a divorce lawyer and setting a divorce in motion can be a relief in some ways. However, ending an unsuccessful marriage is likely to result in some life changes that you need to get ready for so that you can rebuild your life. If you can start to do the following things, you will be in a good position to recover from your divorce more quickly. Assess Your Financial Situation

FAQ About Getting Legal Help When Closing On A House

Are you ready to close on a house so you can officially become the legal owner? If you have never closed on a house in the past, you might want to consider going through the process with the assistance of a real estate lawyer. You must keep in mind that it is possible for you to end up with a bad deal if you are not careful about the documents signed during the closing process.

Planning for Your Frozen Embryo After Your Death

The in-vitro fertilization process inevitably leaves unused embryos that many people like to freeze for future use. Frozen embryos can last as long as a decade. Therefore, when considering what will happen to your estate after your demise, don't forget to take the frozen embryos into consideration. Here are some of the ways you can do this.  Discard the Embryos If you are of the opinion that your frozen embryos shouldn't be used by anyone or for anything if you can't use them, then you can arrange for their disposal after your demise.

When Your Child Gets Hauled Out Of School By The Police, Can You Sue?

School discipline is very different today than it once was. Mass school shootings and terrorism have caused schools to crack down on student misbehavior in ways that surprise a lot of parents. Something that was once the cause of a trip to the principal's office and a couple of questions in order to clear the matter up could now send the student to jail. There are times, however, when schools or police go too far in an effort to maintain control.

Criminal And Civil Liability: Things To Consider After A Loved One Dies In A Car Accident

If your loved one has died in a car accident, you have a lot of grief and other emotions to deal with. However, at the same time, you also may face cremation, burial or funeral costs, or even medical costs or vehicle repair costs. To deal with these costs, you may want to determine if the other driver or some other entity may be required to cover them. Here are some points to consider:

Who Is Liable When Someone Overdoses On Prescription Medication?

With recent reports of music artist Prince's death being linked to prescription medication and overdosing, it has brought up one question: who is liable for this? Is it possible that someone else could be responsible for the action of the individual? Here is a look at the details of overdosing and prescription medication. The Prescription Medication Abuse Epidemic Abusing prescription medication is becoming a worldwide epidemic. In the United States, 15 million people abuse prescription drugs.

Dealing With Pet Issues During A Divorce

When you are in the process of getting a divorce, chances are that the thought of who will get to keep the pets will arise. In the eyes of the law, your pet is considered community property, so even though you feel like your pet is family, there are no custody proceedings for pets. Instead, other factors are involved in determining who gets to keep the pets though mediation with your attorneys or through a judge.

Judge Or Jury: Should You Request A Bench Trial Or A Jury Trial?

If you have to go to court over a contract dispute, you have a choice between a trial where the case is heard by a jury, and a trial where the case is heard by a judge only, known as a bench trial. One of these isn't necessarily better than the other in general, but there are advantages to both depending on your case's circumstances. Look at whether you're asking for an award or whether you want a speedier trial, among other things, to decide.

Is Your Marriage Recognized If You Move To Another Country?

After getting married, you may decide that you want to live your life abroad. You have all the other paperwork in order, but what about your marriage? Will this be recognized or will you need to do it all again? Are you putting yourself at risk by moving with your spouse to another country? Legal Marriages Recognized Elsewhere In the majority of cases, your marriage will be recognized. This will only be if your marriage was legal in the country you were originally in when you married.

Faqs About A Financial Power Of Attorney

A part of estate planning is determining what happens with your financial matters if you are incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. For many people, the answer is a financial power of attorney. However, there are some challenges to using one. If you are thinking of using a financial power of attorney, here is what you need to know.  What Should You Use a Financial Power of Attorney for?

Workplace Sexual Harassment In The Digital Age

The digital age has changed a lot about the world, including how acts like workplace sexual harassment can occur. Learn more about how workplace sexual harassment can occur even when the parties involved aren't face-to-face or on the job. How does online workplace sexual harassment occur? Workplace sexual harassment over the internet usually takes one of two forms. The first is unwanted sexualized contact from the abuser. For example, it might take the form of emails with dirty jokes in it from your boss or nude photos sent to you by a coworker.

So, You've Been Involved In A Company Vehicle Accident: Who Exactly Is Liable?

Some people know the steps that are involved after a motor vehicle accident. However, not many are aware of what should happen following an accident in a company vehicle. Is your employer responsible or are you? Since it isn't uncommon for jobs to require driving, even if it is just for a simple errand, it is important to know the answer to that question if you ever find yourself in a vehicle accident in a company car.

Understanding Your Role As Trustee For Your Parents' Trust

Sometimes, parents create multiple trust accounts for different purposes, naming different trustees for each one. Even if you've received an inheritance from your parents, you may find that they've assigned you as trustee for another beneficiary's trust. If this happens, it's important you understand exactly what that means for you. After all, if you've never had to deal with a trust before, the whole process may seem daunting and unfamiliar. If you want to be sure you are successfully meeting all of the responsibilities of your role, there are a few things that you can do.

Tips On Being Prepared For A OWI--Just In Case

Parents always teach their kids not to drink and drive. However, they also know that many people will have "just a few" drinks and get behind the wheel. So even though you are teaching your kids the best way to behave, you also need to teach them what to do if they are pulled over by a policeman or highway patrol officer in Iowa on suspicion of operating while intoxicated.

Is It Possible To Get A Change To A Child Support Order?

One of the most believed misconceptions about child support orders is that they cannot be changed. However, a modification request can be made by either parent, and the court could agree to the new terms. If you are the custodial parent and you are in need of more financial support from the non-custodial parent, here is what you need to know before filing a modification request.  When Can You Ask for a Modification?

Four Ways That You Can Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney Fight Your Case

If you are facing criminal charges, you might be wrapped up in court proceedings, meeting with law enforcement, or preparing with your lawyer. While this is a stressful time that may feel out of your control, there are some things that you can still do to help your case. Here are four things that you can do to help your lawyer work to have your criminal charges lessened or dropped.

Four Things You Should Never Do During Your DUI Case

If you have been charged with a DUI, this can be a stressful time. Preparing for your day in court and working closely with your DUI attorney is key. There are also actions that you need to avoid in order to help your day in court go well. Here are four things that you should never do during your DUI case. 1. Don't Drive to Court on a Suspended License

Fulfilling Your Educational Requirements For Bankruptcy

In 2005, President Bush signed into law the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. Part of this act was the introduction of classes for consumers in an attempt to educate them about financial matters. These classes are required when filing bankruptcy. If you are planning to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, read on for what you need to know about these two personal finance and credit counseling classes. The Credit Counseling Class

First-Time House Buyer? Dealing With Earnest Money Legal Issues

Are you buying a house for the first time? If so, you've probably been learning all the ins and outs of the different contracts you'll have to sign. One of the contracts you'll have to enter into deals with earnest money. Read on to learn what earnest money is and how to avoid legal issues if you or the seller breaks the contract. What is Earnest Money? Like the name states, earnest money shows the seller that you are earnest about buying their house.

Exposed To Contaminants? Hire An Environmental Lawyer

Environmental law is becoming a hot area as many new sources of pollution are entering our environment. Here's what you can do if you are exposed to contaminants in your environment.  When an Environmental Lawyer Can Help An environmental law attorney from a firm like Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke-Chartered can help you in cases where local pollution has adversely affected your health. For instance, if the contamination levels are preventing you from safely enjoying your property, this may be a cause for a lawsuit.

2 Ways That An Attorney Can Help With A Slip And Fall Case

A slip and fall case is a very common personal injury case and happens when you fall and injure yourself on someone's property. One of the most important things that you can do if you are involved in this type of case is to hire an attorney, mostly because he or she can help you win your case by looking into the scene of the accident and establishing a history of neglect on the part of the property owner.